Wishing on a star, in the sky filled with spirits infinitely bound
I plead for a shiny, Ford Taurus set with a box phone
So I can prank call the ones who believe
My house is filled with overstuffed Korn-like dolls
"Please, please, please Papa Legba!"
I truly need this by next Saturday's dance

Somebody, somewhere, anywhere
Eyes shift back and forth, ears tilted
Words and giggles sashaying around canals
So, I've heard that my latest spell
Is, laughably, leaving all of the locker room pads
For myself, because, why not?

Sometimes, I wish that I were a typical, Christian girl
Not a believer in a religion mixed with African and European values
It's so much easier to say, "Yes, I do watch T.D. Jakes"
Instead of explaining multiple spirits to one God
Someday, I'll be outwardly confident
And I'll say it with pride
"Yes, I do practice Vodou"

And to keep my classmates onto my case,
"Yes, I did conjure that frog to plop into your milkshake"